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ThugBusters LLC

ThugBusters LLC
918 Commerce Street
Lynchburg VA
Booth: 543


Company Description:

We're on a crusade to help keep people safe. We want you to get back home to your family at night. One of our non-lethal products, like a stun gun aka taser, pepper spray, or keychain item, might just help you arrive safely.

About Us: is a family-owned business that began in Waynesville, OH, and is now based in Lynchburg VA. We started this in 2015 when we both worked at a nursing school – Dan as a teacher, Lise as an administrator. We heard stories from the students about having to park in unsafe areas when they did their clinicals. Just like anybody else in education, we were looking for something to do on the side.

We researched a lot of companies, found the best products, with the best warranties, and launched. We have been blown away by the support from the community everywhere we went. We had no idea it would become a nationwide crusade to help people protect themselves. We have exhibited at almost 200 shows in 14 states.

We take pride in listening to your needs and concerns, then recommending a solution that is right for your situation. You need to feel that you can confidently defend yourself when that awful time comes, and we’re here to help you do that.

New Products

Ladies Choice with stun gun, flashlight and alarm all in one. Safety disable pin too! "Birdy" alarm with strobe.
Stun Pens!

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